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I think a bit like our high school class teacher, always want to send their students to want to go to college, and then there is a sense of satisfaction. But my right index finger is shivering why Why shoot him If he is resisting, then Xiao Zhuang definitely does not hesitate ah But he did not ah He surrendered ah Shoot the target What team s tone is extremely firm. Finnish knives were inseparable.A status and status of the man wearing a red knife on the waist wearing a Finnish knife, even more handsome, elegant, Finnish knives become the most eye catching accessories on vigra male enhancement clothing. All prisoners of war know in international war.Of course, they will not regard them as heroes. All silly, all the training stopped slowly.I was in the muddy lake with a hammer, ah scream just just vacated the result of that brother did not stop my child, I did not mean to kick up, turn around uncomfortable in the air I can not die at once planted Down in the muddy lake inside. My later experience left to speak later.In short, this primitive jungle is not where your humanity comes from. Arrived at the border line on the search team up.He covered his brethren, and a dozen other brothers left with him. How long have time passed I really do not remember.I cried tired, sobbed.But my eyes did not relax, I was still watching him.He was watching me, still without expression. Fei has laughed and ran Go back and write a poem, college student special forces You write dedicated to Fei, a girl who did not know why came to this world The same with what brigade, that is, the formation of reconnaissance brigade he is also one of the backbone being deployed and also the squadron leader is only vice president. Their inner world should be people s attention.Pull so much, in fact, just want to show that even against the soldiers can be sympathetic, are the PLA are special forces are the originator of both old comrades are brothers, what brigade and thunder team, mutual admiration and years of emotional blend How understandable thing is. Exaggerated is actually gun depot is also a dark, literary instrument on the garage familiar with the life goes inside crying which unit over in the past, and then waved a rifle thrown you see a picture of a 95 gun 92 gun what Are rare, but when we are ready to war out into the ground outside the bundle Hurry up We just like the ground points, one quickly divided into a few short male enhancement that really works and long guns running with fast guns set a good spear on the back of guns on the plane and then replaced. You can not blame them for not resolutely committing suicide the body is male enhancement rhino really weak and soon subdued. You see in the mirror, that is male enhancement pill a small shadow.In fact, you really are God s people who are arranged in this world. My principle has always been to be a petitioner, I ll see where you can toss I turned male enhancement herbal and turned to you. We have been sitting so snuggling.Later, a small shadow fell asleep.Or like cats, slept very fragrant.Bursts of sound until the bell burst into the clouds Caixia. I see the non commissioned officers I have stood up stand ready to come to me.But what are the goals Looks pretty fancy ah Big black face laughed, level how Then use that I am confident that this is absolutely no problem My advantage is the fast run of the road run standard My right hand is violently calling for the smell of gunpowder and even has begun to tremble slightly Half a month in this dog head brigade I have not played a gun or even touched it Do you know my mood How good is a gun now in my hand How can I expect to male enhancement herbal fight twice But I can not Because I know the provisions of the unit, the bullet is to register very strict, I shot a shot of zynev male enhancement this big black faced squad are not good to go back and cross. Our goal is to base male enhancement herbal the cat head brigade.If you are also in our ranks, you will know male enhancement herbal what is the male enhancement herbal psychological feeling of special warfare elite. We go to prepare, eat something afraid to eat more because we have to run halfway full of the best.

I obediently, watching her shadow busy.She did it all, lowered her head and kissed it on my lips Sleep, do not pedal the quilt at night Tomorrow I ll give you breakfast. I was in realdealview drowsiness I heard a male enhancement herbal small shadow shouting me.But I could not open my mouth. Then I saw that the four brothers male enhancement herbal as soon as scream screams covered his face rolling on the ground. However, the civil war I witnessed in my own life is absolutely bloody, without humanity. I m really happy ah I hold my little shadow sitting her favorite SISU ah I took my little shadow to sit on her face blush male enhancement herbal SISU ah Am male enhancement herbal I happy male enhancement surgery What do male enhancement herbal you say Many years ago, Xiaozhuang and Xiaoying took a car to go far. Needless to say the details of the exercise, because you have seen too many exercises on television, more familiar than I am from top to bottom is how one thing. I know my advantage is more obvious on the mountain, the general reconnaissance force in this primitive forest male enhancement herbal is still relatively poor, and we are the wolf inside the woods. Later, I know male enhancement herbal what I should say, and male enhancement that increases size should make her happy.For our brief green love, it should be said to two of our soldiers who can not control their own destiny but at that time I did not realize that I 18, she 19, we all think we are still a long time together. After we have time for me to write slowly but now still take the story quickly, a lot of things come after me. I quickly worked overtime v-blast male enhancement to write love letters for the object to Chen, because as fast as a week, had a day, and the next male enhancement herbal few days so many things can not be an afterthought. Although this makes me still hairy, but not so shocking.But I was shocked by you for a moment because you suddenly become a classical beauty, not because you were not pretty before, because the contrast is not the slightest bit you told me later, when I saw me What kind of clothes to wear is repeated with the too, consider how a long time to make this black sergeant trick the final decision with this, of course, I also move in. We do not let go we have to defend what brigade with life, he is our military god. I was dragged away by him, you should still remember him, the military is the military, changed the casual is also a soldier. Since then, I have never seen that squad leader.Until today, his stuff is still inside my backpack. Finnish buddies are dry steam, as soon as they enter the wood spoon rushing watering the stove, that washing can steamed to death. I have always been a brotherly brotherly person, from an early age.I stay in the head group, not only I know I am a soldier, and all my belong to my motherland and my faith. In fact, the two sides have already subsided a lot of exchange of fire, it is male enhancement herbal better to start intense. However, we have not practiced these in the new brigades of the special brigades. Salty.She frowned when I was really regrettable how this got, a small shadow on a night night shift just wake up for a while how do I know why I come ah Oh, I male enhancement herbal really regret it Xiaoying lips pouted a bit, puzzled in his sleep Xiao Zhuang I can not speak.